[It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you…]




[Should be burning in hell.]


□burning in hell「地獄の業火」





[huh. always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.]




[anyway, as i was saying, it’s a nice day out. why not relax and take a load off?]


□take a load off「荷を下ろす」
☆take off「取り外す」


[here we go.]


[what? you think i’m just gonna stand there and take it?]


□gonna=going to


[our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting…]




[until suddenly, everything ends.]


[heh heh heh... that's your fault isn't it?]




[you can't understand how this feels.]



[look. i gave up trying to go back a long time ago.]


□give up「〜を諦める」
□try to do「〜しようとする」
☆try doing「試しに〜してみる」

[and getting to the surface doesn't really appeal anymore, either.]




[cause even if we do... we'll just end up right back here, without any memory of it, right?]


□even if「たとえ〜でも」
□end up「最後には〜で終わる」


[to be blunt... it makes it kind of hard to give it my all.]


□to be blunt「率直に言えば」
□kind of 形容詞「ちょっと〜」
□give it my all「一生懸命頑張る、とことんやる」


[... or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy...? hell if i know.]


□hell if I know「知るか」


[ all i know is… seeing what comes next… i can’t afford not to care anymore.]


□afford to「〜する余裕がある」


[ugh... that being said... you, uh, really like swinging that thing around, huh? ... listen.]




[i know you didn't answer me before, but... somewhere in there. i can feel it. there's a glimmer of a good person inside of you. the memory of someone who once wanted to do the right thing.]


□do the right thing「正しいことをする」


[someone who, in another time, might have even been... a friend? c'mon, buddy. do you remember me? please, if you're listening... let's forget all of this, ok? just lay down your weapon, and... well, my job will be a lot easier.]


□c'mon(=come on)「急いで、さあさあ、まあまあ」

[... you're sparing me? finally. buddy. pal. i know how hard it must be... to make that choice. to go back on everything you've worked up to. i want you to know... i won't let it go to waste. ... c'mere, pal.]


□c'mere(=come here)「こっちにきて」

[geeettttttt dunked on!!! if we're really friends... you won't come back.]



[welp, it was worth a shot. guess you like doing things the hard way, huh?]


□worth a shot「試す価値」


[sounds strange, but before all this i was secretly hoping we could be friends. i always thought the anomaly was doing this cause they were unhappy. and when they got what they wanted, they would stop all this. ]




[and maybe all they needed was... i dunno. some good food, some bad laughs, some nice friends.]


□dunno(=I don't know)「わからない」


[but that's ridiculous, right? yeah, you're the type of person who won't EVER be happy. ]




[you'll keep consuming timelines over and over, until... well. hey. take it from me, kid. someday... you gotta learn when to QUIT.]

「お前は何度も何度も時間軸を消費し続けるだろう、何度も… ああ。おい。信じろ、ガキ。いつの日か…お前は"止め時"ってのを学ばなきゃいけない」

□keep doing「〜し続ける」
□gotta(=have got to)「しないといけない」


[and that day's TODAY.]



[cause... y'see... all this fighting is really tiring me out.]


□y'see(=you see)「ほら、あのね」
□tire out「疲れさせる」


[and if you keep pushing me... then i'll be forced to use my special attack.]


□be forced to do「〜することを強いられる」
□special attack「必殺技」


[yeah, my special attack. sound familiar? well, get ready. cause after the next move, i'm going to use it. so, if you don't want to see it, now would be a good time to die.]



[well, here goes nothing... are you ready? survive THIS and i'll show you my special attack!]



[huff... puff... all right. that's it. it's time for my special attack. are you ready? here goes nothing.]



[yep. that's right. it's literally nothing. and it's not going to be anything, either. heh heh heh... ya get it? i know i can't beat you. one of your turns... you're just gonna kill me. so, uh. i've decided... it's not gonna BE your turn. ever. i'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up. even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time. capiche?]




[you'll get bored here. if you haven't gotten bored already, i mean. and then, you'll finally quit.]



[i know your type. you're, uh, very determined, aren't you? you'll never give up, even if there's, uh... absolutely NO benefit to persevering whatsoever. if i can make that clear. no matter what, you'll just keep going. not out of any desire for good or evil... but just because you think you can. and because you "can"... ... you "have to".]


□no matter what「何があろうと」
□out of「〜の外で、〜の限りでない」


[but now, you've reached the end. there is nothing left for you now. so, uh, in my personal opinion... the most "determined" thing you can do here? is to, uh, completely give up. and... (yawn) do literally anything else.]

「だが今は、お前はもう終焉に着いてしまった。今やお前に何も残されていない。だから、あー、個人的な見解だが…お前がここで出来るその最も"決意に満ちた"ことは?それは、あー、完全に諦めちゃうことだ。そして…(ふあ〜あ) マジで他の何かをしろ。」

□anything else「他に何か」


[heh, didja really think you would be able-]


□didja(=did you)


[... ... ... so... guess that's it, huh? ... just... don't say i didn't warn you. welp. i'm going to grillby's. papyrus, do you want anything?]